Building a Niche Online Publishing Business Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely.

Join the Niche Pursuits Community and Scale Your Business with Others!

What’s Offered Inside the Community?

Staying motivated in your business can be difficult and often lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be.

What if you could hear from experts once a week and ask them questions?  What if you could also connect with a smaller mastermind group once a month building something similar to you and share strategies and dive deep into your business problems?

But that is only the beginning of what the Niche Pursuits Community offers.  See everything you’ll get when you join below.

Weekly Calls with Experts

With access to a wide range of entrepreneurs including bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers, and 7 and 8 figure digital business owners…these weekly calls will give you exceptional insight into scaling a successful online business.  Listen in or ask questions during these live calls with community members.

Small Mastermind Groups

Ready to have your peers dive deep into your business problems and help you stay accountable?  This is where the real “meat” of the community comes into play as you do monthly calls with other digital entrepreneur similar to you.

You’ll be connected with a group of 4 to 7 people that are building businesses similar to you. You’ll be encouraged to formally connect on monthly mastermind calls, but are welcome to connect as much as needed with your group.

Private Discord Channel

Want real-time chat to ask questions, share wins, or discuss industry news?  The Niche Pursuits community has a private Discord channel where you can chat with the Niche Pursuits team and other members of the community.  This is a great place to get more real-time feedback that can’t wait for your next mastermind call.

What others say

“Niche pursuits is the place to go for anyone wanting to start a niche website. They cover everything you need to know through...extensive case studies. It’s not just theory, it’s actionable advice from those who are actually crushing it online and beyond."

Colin Linnett CavapooCrew.Com

"Niche Pursuits has been a game-changer for our community. Insightful case studies and actionable strategies that deliver results. Highly recommended!"

Alek Shah

"Niche Pursuits has kept me going and encouraged when it’s easy or hard going.
I particularly like the fact that they try things (shiny object syndrome but in a good way) and update the success, failures and everything in between.
All in all, this is a fantastic resource for *anybody* involved in the online business space."

Tony Fowles

Also Included in the Niche Pursuits Community

Ongoing Challenges

Join a challenge and go through in “co-hort” groups at the same time as other community members!  Want to see how much Pinterest traffic you can get in 2 months? Increase Google Discover? Start Amazon Influencer?  Every couple of months, we will start new challenges and award $500 to the winner!

Motivation + community = success.

Product Discounts

As a member of the community, you’ll get special discounts that we’ve negotiated to help save you money. We will continually add new discounts as we negotiate new prices.

Who Should Join?


At it’s core, the Niche Pursuits community has SEO and content creation built into it’s DNA.  Niche Pursuits has built up over a decade of blogging case studies and has featured lots of successful entrepreneurs with their own SEO strategies.


Content Creators Looking for NEW Traffic Strategies

In addition to SEO and traditional blogging, you might be looking for additional traffic strategies.  The community is a great place to learn about Facebook traffic, Pinterest traffic, Twitter, Google Discover, and other alternative traffic strategies.

If you are a content creator, the Niche Pursuits community will feel like home


Creating compelling videos that engage your audience is a high barrier to entry. But this is also a great way to build a moat around your business that others can’t replicate. Inside the community you’ll find YouTubers happy to “talk shop” as you help each other grow subscribers, views, and conversions.

Amazon Influencers

In 2023, the founder of Niche Pursuits started building an Amazon Influencer business and was able to grow it to over $6,000 for the month of December. If you want to scale your Amazon Influencer business or simply learn how to get started, we will have a mastermind group for you inside the community!

Side Hustlers

Have you dabbled with online business, but you’re still looking for your next big idea? We embrace side hustles inside the community and we are happy to share, educate, and motivate your to find the RIGHT side hustle or full-time online business for you.  We’ve tried dozens and can eliminate alot of the pitfalls.

What Others say

“Niche Pursuits is one of the most inspiring and down to earth communities I’ve been a part of.”

Omari Harebin

"Niche Pursuits is awesome because it's just no-nonsense, straight-up great advice from real people doing killer content sites. Always some great stuff there to pick up something new and valuable. Keep up the great work!"

John Smith

"Niche Pursuits got me in to web building. I spent months listening to the podcasts before finally starting my own site. Genuine great case studies and advice."

Tony King

"Niche pursuits is amazing for inspiration on what can be done and great motivation to keep going. They cover multiple niches, lots of different strategies, and I love the up to date news in the industry that I may have otherwise missed. Just the perspectives alone are totally worth it!"

Jennifer Reagan

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Private Discord Channel

Ongoing Challenges

Product Discounts

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Weekly Calls with Industry Experts

Small Mastermind Groups

Private Discord Channel

Ongoing Challenges

Product Discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I access the members area and get access to everything?

You will create a username and password as part of the checkout process. You will then be able to login at and view the members area. You will also receive a welcome email with Discord access and all other member access materials.

How will the small mastermind groups work?

We will ask you a series of questions when you join about your goals, your business, timezone, and other pertinent questions. Based on this information, we will assign you to a group of peers that will provide the most value to your unique situation.

Will the weekly expert calls be recorded?

Yes! All the weekly calls are recorded, and you will have full access to the backlog in case you miss any.

What if I don’t want to join the challenges?

That’s just fine, its not required! You can still follow along and listen to the expert calls, check the leaderboard, and learn right alongside everyone else.

What if I decide to cancel my subscription?

That’s just fine! We understand that life happens and you may have the need to cancel your subscription. You will have full control in the members area to cancel your subscription on your own. Or you can contact our support team here to handle it for you.

What if I have other questions and want to contact support?

No problem! You can contact our support team right here.