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So, What is the Niche Pursuits Community All About?

Spencer Haws Founder, NichePursuits

Hey there, I’m Spencer Haws, founder of

One thing that has served me well over the years is that I believe that 20% of your time should be spent focusing on new experiments or side projects. I like to call these “niche pursuits”!

This is the community where you can discuss your new experiments, side projects, shiny objects, or whatever you want to call them.

In addition, this is where I will be sharing the results from any of my side projects including niche sites, blogging, Faceless YouTube channels, Amazon Influencer, and more.

In addition, this community will be the hub of all new public projects and challenges. Want to follow along with Spencer and others as they build new exciting projects and share their earnings and results publicly?

Then the Niche Pursuits Community is the place for you!

Want to follow along with Spencer and others?

Watch them build new exciting projects and share their earnings and results publicly

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SEO, Blogging, and Niche Sites

Learn and discuss SEO and other traffic strategies.

Connect with others building niche sites and blogging to swap ideas and tactics that actually work.

“Faceless” YouTube Channels

See both good and BAD results from YouTube channels.

See the failures, so you can avoid them. Nothing sugar coated, only real results.

What our members say

“Niche pursuits is the place to go for anyone wanting to start a niche website. They cover everything you need to know through podcasts, blog posts and extensive case studies. It’s not just theory, it’s actionable advice from those who are actually crushing it online and beyond. My advice: if you do anything today, head over to niche pursuits and bookmark the site - it’s all you need.”

Colin Linnett CavapooCrew.Com

"Niche Pursuits has been a game-changer for our community. Insightful case studies and actionable strategies that deliver results. Highly recommended!"

Alek Shah

"Niche Pursuits has kept me going and encouraged when it’s easy or hard going.
I particularly like the fact that they try things (shiny object syndrome but in a good way) and update the success, failures and everything in between.
All in all, this is a fantastic resource for *anybody* involved in the online business space."

Tony Fowles

Amazon Influencer Program

Want to dabble in the Amazon Influencer Program?

Connect with others who are actually earning money from this opportunity right now. Ask questions, get answers.

AI Content Experiments…

Think you want to experiment with AI for your blog? Maybe that’s a good idea…or maybe it’s not.

Learn from others who are achieving with AI content in the SERPs.

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