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      Spencer Haws

      Hello everyone,

      The Grow an EXISTING Site AI challenge is now 1 month old, and I have reports to share from participants!

      You can also see all the video updates below.

      You can see a SUMMARY of all the reports + Traffic Stats Right Here

      The EXISTING AI site challenge has been going on for a little over a month now! As part of the challenge you will be required to provide updates along the way to keep you motivated and to let others know how it’s going.

      In order to win the $2,500, you must to provide all of these updates!

      Here’s the update schedule for the EXISTING site Challenge:
      October 20th – 30 day update
      November 20th – 60 day update
      December 20th – 90 day / Final update!

    • #14336

      Hi all, slow progress but something is better than nothing!

      • #14344
        Spencer Haws

        Hey Holly, your video is set to private, can you make it “unlisted” instead so we can watch it?

    • #14337

      0 Clicks at this point. But, changed sites halfway through and am taking my time to craft the best content I can using Chat GPT.

    • #14338

      Here’s my progress video https://youtu.be/oBW0qA1pK3A
      Also slow progress here, but it looks promising; all articles are indexed and ranking for their main keywords. I’ll start building some links to them.

    • #14339
      Umar Faizan

      ChatGPT seems to slow down the whole process. Gonna switch to Koala & ZimmWriter next month. Video:

    • #14343

      Here is my 1 month update video

    • #14347
      Jacob Maslow

      Happy with my progress so far
      solid keyword research, good articles being niche focused helps with google and also helps me gain better understanding of what to include to make a complete article.
      have a lot of articles in draft, going to go through them as i like to spend a lot of time on it and going to add a few more links to the site

    • #14348

      30-day update. 6 clicks from 23 articles. My niche is seasonal so I have low expectations. https://youtu.be/3pFKmqiY1q0

    • #14349

      Hi Spencer – some questions on measuring traffic as I see a difference between numbers in Rank Logic and GA4:
      – is it just organic traffic from google or are we counting Bing, duckduckgo etc
      – does Rank logic include organic search and Discover traffic all together in one number? In GA4 Discover traffic is listed as “Direct” rather than organic search.
      Either way, my numbers are tiny, lol, but I want to count properly from the start 🙂

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    • #14351

      I feel weird talking and I just hate seeing myself.
      But, ok.
      Rank logic is used on Build an SEO Site with AI Generated Content, so I used GA4 here.


    • #14353
      Rajneesh Singh

      So far, I haven’t received any organic traffic on AI generated blog posts. I have managed to publish 10 blog posts.

    • #14355

      10 articles
      99 organic users

      Your updates have kept me motivated, all. Keep it up!

    • #14357
      Karan Mallya

      Here’s the 1st Month Update: https://youtu.be/W3rxVmlIRYw

    • #14358

      Hello Spencer and the rest of the NP community. My progress is super slow, but hopefully it well get better on the 2nd month. Here’s my video: https://youtu.be/ZWroo_uCOwY?si=rn25dHiWr8N_nVO7


    • #14359

      video is coming yet, having issues with my equipment. So far progress is slow, with zero clicks on the new AI content to date. Added 112 AI-only articles in total to the existing site however have been getting clicks on older content.

      Next month, working on going back to the AI content and optimizing and adding more content as well.

    • #14360
      Shabarish Balaji

      Here’s my First Month Update

    • #14365
      Tom Seest

    • #14366
      Tom Seest

    • #14373

      Hi, here’s my month 01 update video.
      I only produced two articles because I put a lot more time getting the other challenge off the ground, but still pleased with the progress.

      One article was a long pillar article “Human Anatomy for “Animators” — that I had to create a lot of imagery and source resources as well. I used Midjourney for a lot of the imagery. Its only been live a few days, but I posted it on linkedin and its got nearly 40,000 views and hundreds of reposts, which gave me 61 YouTube subscribers in one day, so this was a small success for me ☺️


      Ive tried to include one of my AI images to show, but it doesnt work

    • #14377
      Sarah Auerswald

      My update is sad because I put a bunch of content in draft, got distracted with other projects, and didn’t publish any of them. Oh well – next 30 days will be better.

    • #14378
      Rich T

      Thank you for sharing your progress everyone, here is my one-month update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q62kvoQiQww

    • #14379

      Hey everyone, slow start for me as well, been busy with lots of other personal things this month so although I have a few posts in draft, only 1 was posted during the relevant timeframe. Hoping to ramp that up next month. Unless I’m missing something, I can’t afford to pay for a subscription to RankLogic at this stage, so have just used my numbers from GSC for this update. I hope that’s ok!

      30 Day Update Video

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      • This reply was modified 4 months ago by Michelle.
      • #14390

        Hi Michelle. Using the coupon code “90challenge” you will get free access to Ranklogic for 90 days.

    • #14383
      Pankil Shah

      Okay, start for me: planned all the content, generated 62 SEO briefs along with first drafts, and published 12 so far. We are in a very competitive niche, and this will most certainly take more than just content.

      I am happy with the progress so far, and I hope to publish the remaining 50 in the next seven days.

    • #14384

      Here’s my update video. 2 posts published so far. Traffic is small but not surprising because of seasonality in the travel niche. Hoping to post a lot more next month. I’m confused with Rank Logic and GSC showing me different numbers of clicks though. Anyone else have discrepencies?

      Fist update video for Existing site AI challenge

    • #14386

      Here’s my video update https://youtu.be/5F1A2NlQjkE

      Published 5 new articles using AI (although not so much while that HCU was going on) although I wasn’t hit by any of the recent Google updates, right now I’ve got my seasonal slump happening (I’m in the travel niche).

    • #14387

      I’m off to a fast start with this challenge, as I was already sort of doing the same thing before it started… 570 new articles (19/day), and 79 clicks. I’m happy with the trajectory so far as impressions are heading up and right. Now for getting clicks to follow suit. I know that I need to go back and edit articles as they’re very basic and unedited so far and need to find a way to make that my priority. Here’s my update video:

    • #14397

      I’ve been delinquent, so no progress at all, but I’ve loaded another video and will continue to get the site up to snuff

    • #14399

      Here is my 30-day Update: https://youtu.be/qaZaU9ekn4E

    • #14400


      • #14401

        To summarize:

        I was able to publish 11 new posts this month and feel really good about them as far as quality and ability to rank. So far, they mostly have only social traffic, which is expected. Usually I expect 2 months before articles rank anyways. However, I did get a google search console email stating that the google.txt robots are blocked so I need to resolved that. Thank you Spencer for putting together this challenge and getting the focus in order. I’m excited to see what comes.

    • #14402
      Nico Mellett

      2 new posts, no clicks so far. Will really REALLY need to speed things up this month. It’s been a very rough month. But hopefully for month 2 to be better.

      Here’s my video

    • #14403
      Nico Mellett

      @Spencer, how do I add my stats (posts, clicks, etc) to the list? Or do you do that?


    • #14404
      Nico Mellett

      Ugh, just realised I linked to my starting video here’s the update to month 1: link

      • #14579
        Nico Mellett

        What??? Not again?! I just realised I posting a link to my kick-off video again, instead of the 1 month update. Third time lucky: 1 month update

    • #14407
      Taj Uddin Ahmed

      Trying to publish more content. Catching new keywords. Let’s see till the end.

    • #14408
      Taj Uddin Ahmed

      Hi, How can I have access to Rank Logic? Is it a WordPress plugin? I have never used it. Could anyone guide me on how to get it?

    • #14495

      October Update!


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