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      I want to warn you about AdCreative so you don’t get tricked. Lots of people online say they’ve been scammed by them. The person who runs it has scammed people before and is really pushing their ads right now. I lost 171.34 euros and it seems like I’ll never get it back. I’m doing everything I can, like writing reviews and talking to Google about their ads. Be careful and don’t fall for it.

      AdCreative appears to be a fraudulent service, based on my personal experience and corroborated by its association with a previously discredited platform. I initially enrolled in their free trial offering, but upon deciding that the service was not suitable for my needs, I attempted to cancel my subscription within the 7-day trial period. Despite this, I was automatically upgraded and subsequently charged €171.34, even as my account was in the process of being closed. The company purports to offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. However, their email communications, while polite, indicate a 9-day waiting period for the refund to be processed. This delay is incongruent with modern business practices and raises further concerns about the legitimacy of the service.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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