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      John Morphis

      Hey everyone,

      In this thread, I will be providing weekly updates on the progress of my new AI niche site for the new site challenge. This will provide a way for people to follow along a little closer.

      My main goal with this AI site is to build a brand that will stand the test of time in this industry. I have extensive knowledge and years of experience in this niche. This niche is incredibly competitive so it will be a marathon.

      There is huge traffic potential not only from Google but from other sources which is important with the current landscape of search engines.

      I will incorporate social media accounts, and a YouTube channel as well as build an email list.

      Monetization Plans:
      -Display Ads
      -Affiliate (Amazon, Individual programs)
      -Info products
      -Email list

      This niche works well with all of these monetization methods so I will incorporate them all into my website.

      Where are we now?

      Week 1: (9/20/23)
      Purchased a brandable domain name that had never been archived.
      -Setup hosting.
      -Installed WordPress
      -Installed Popcorn Theme
      -Created core pages (about, contact, privacy policy, disclosure)
      -Designed a custom home page.

      Installed Plugins:
      -Google Site Kit
      -Easy Table of Contents
      -Gutenberg (used with Popcorn Theme)
      -Rank Math SEO
      -Link Whisper
      -WP Forms

      Completed initial keyword research.

      Developed a content plan.
      -My plan for creating content is to use multiple AI tools to create content. I plan on using ChatGPT, Zimmwriter, Neuronwriter, and Koala to create the articles. Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses.
      -I will see which one performs the best and then focus on that tool moving forward for the majority of the content.

      Published 10 articles and have another 20 in draft.

      Plan moving forward:

      Weekly Goals:
      -Publish at least 10 articles.
      -Post regularly on social media (after I have some content on the site)
      -Make a YouTube video

      Update (10/3/23)

      It is still early (obviously) but already have some articles ranking.

      SerpRobot (keyword tracker)
      Serp Robot

      Google Search Console (GSC)
      Google Search Console

      If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions – please hit me up. I will be glad to help in any way that I can.

      Until next of luck with your sites.

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      Colin Ma

      Hey John, how’s progress so far?

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