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      Tony Fowles

      Hello everyone,

      This is aimed more for people who are building their sites in their spare time like me, not outsourcing content and just building when they have a couple of spare hours each day/week.

      I have two main sites after making myself not create any more (shiny objects), one being an information site with affiliate sprinkled in and aimed broadly at the US and globally. This one is a hobby type one in natural sciences niche.
      My other is aimed at a UK audience and a DIY niche based on my expertise in my day job (17 years experience) with affiliate and in the future digital products/SAAS if I can pull it off.

      How many sites do you guys manage and do you split the time between making blogging content and social media/email or just focus on content?

      Interested in knowing how you guys do it, I’ve been going a couple of years now and still struggling to get traction!

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      Colin Ma

      I would focus on just 1 until you get traction. How consistent are you in working on the site? If you can spend about 10-15H/week I’d say that should be enough to see traction, assuming you are making effort into doing good SEO.

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        Michael Weibel

        I’m just (re)starting after dabbling in affiliate marketing with limited success 10 yrs ago so I don’t have specifically relevant experience to cite, but a lifetime of experience in other endeavors makes me agree 100% with a very narrow focus until you get going. That said, I totally relate to the Tony’s comment about “shiny objects”, that challenge prevented my success the first time I tried as I shifted from one marketing idea, niche or product to another. I so hated the idea of potentially wasting my effort for months on an unsuccessful niche or channel (blogs, video, podcasting, Adwords, membership sites, Kindle books, SaaS, etc, etc) that as soon as another idea came along I would shift. But I now realize that there’s ALWAYS a better idea (and frequently they’re not really better, just different), but my mistake was not getting enough content created for any one idea/niche to allow it to become successful. Just my 2 cents, but I agree with focusing on content until you get traction before moving on. What’s the old saying “Chase 2 rabbits and you’ll catch none.” 🙂 (Sorry for the long post!)

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      Brodi Cole

      I agree with Colin. I started a second site before my first site was making decent money and my split focus made both of them grow more slowly. If you’re not outsourcing anything, build one until it’s making you some money to outsource at least some of the work. I wish I’d done it that way.

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      Tony Fowles

      Thank you both! I definitely need to knuckle down and spend more time on *one* project, building one enough for it to make enough money to outsource make a lot of sense too.

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        Colin Ma

        Awesome! How’s it going on the one project so far? How many posts do you have, monthly traffic, etc?

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        Tony Fowles

        My one project is tanking despite just doing some more content with unique images and a short Facebook campaign to get more of a following; but I’m not too worried as it seems Google has a lot of working out to do with its updates and my site seems to ride the waves, if that makes sense.

        My second project is what I think I’ll focus on as it’s the best one for monetising in terms of intent and products, but in my naivety I figured the first one had more volume and as a passion project I wouldn’t get bored of it…

        I’ll find the figures after work but the main one has gone from around 1,500 impressions and around 12-15 clicks to 600 impressions and 8 clicks.

        My back up project has leaped past that one with barely any input with over 3000 impressions and 18 clicks.

        Those figures probably seem like barely anything compared to other sites on here but I was very happy to reach past 3000 impressions, especially as it’s mostly from a few pages on things I know specifically about through my day job.

        Long story short, I need to switch projects and work on the boring one in which I have direct experience in and spend more time on branding and creating content.

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