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      Spencer Haws

      Welcome to the official Niche Pursuits Challenge to Grow an EXISTING Site with AI Content. Below you will find the details, rules, and application process.

      The Challenge and Prize Money!
      I will be awarding the winner of this challenge $2,500!
      The winner is determined by the site with the most total ORGANIC traffic over a period of 90 days coming to AI articles created after the challenge start date.
      In order to participate you must fill out the application below (including submitting your video in and follow the rules outlined below.

      1. Add new AI content to an existing site starting after 9/20/23
      2. Must use AI to generate the new group of content on the site. (You can human edit these AI generated articles).
      3. You must provide a short video update of you speaking into the camera each month for 3 months. This video should be 2 minutes or less in length.
      4. You must be willing to provide Spencer Haws access to your Google Search Console or Google Analytics so that he can verify your traffic claims.
      5. You are NOT required (but highly encouraged) to reveal your domain to everyone. However, you must reveal your domain name to Spencer in order to participate.
      6. You must be willing to share the tools or strategies you use to create AI content and grow your site.
      7. You agree to allow any video clips to be used by Spencer and Niche Pursuits for future content, videos, and case study updates.

      How to Apply:
      The application has closed. You can still unofficially follow along, but I’m no longer accepting official participants.

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      Tom Seest

      I hate to ask a really dumb, but more technical question, Spencer. While I’ve done some SEO stuff, I’m not up on all the technical terms and definitions here. So, for the sake of clarity, for this contest and the other, can you highlight what the word ORGANIC means in the context of both contests? I’ve seen varying definitions as to what would be acceptable and not, and just want to be sure I understand the rules for both contests.

      I also want to be sure if this limits me from using tools like Link Whisper as I create my AI content. I want to be sure that I use an appropriate tech stack and don’t break any rules.

      I appreciate your time in clarifying and apologize because I’m too new and non-technical enough on SEO to ask the question.

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        Spencer Haws

        Organic traffic = Traffic coming from search engines. In particular, Google. The easiest way to verify will be to see your Google Search Console traffic.

      • #13488
        Tom Seest

        Thank you for clarifying.

      • #13495
        Adrian D.

        Hey Spencer,
        Can you clarify this: does “Discover” traffic from GSC count as organic traffic? Yes or no?
        Thank you!

      • #13540
        Spencer Haws

        Oh boy, great question Adrian! For now, I’m gonna say Yes…Google Discover traffic counts. But I have the right to change my mind BEFORE the competition starts on 9/20.

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      Ray Roman

      Hello, my name is Ray, and this is my Challenge video.

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    • #13496

      We can’t hire people, right? Else people with big pockets would produce a lot more content and generate a whole lot of traffic.

      • #13541
        Spencer Haws

        You can hire people if you want.

    • #13550

      Hi all, I’ve been doing SEO for awhile now. Looking forward to the challenge and competing against people that are also interested in AI. I’m camera shy, but here’s my vid.

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      Behzad Hussain

      Hey Spencer,
      I’m interested and will submit the form and video soon.
      I’ve a question.
      Will there any option to see who are the total participants and how much traffic other participants are gaining and where I stand in the list… means any system or way to see my growth as compared to other participants just for a healthy competition and to judge where I stand in this fierce competition…

      • #13603
        Spencer Haws

        Yes, I will be requiring monthly updates from all participants. So, this will be viewable by everyone!

      • #13674
        Behzad Hussain

        Here’s my Intro Video

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      Jane Maghanoy

      Hello everyone! Excited to be part of this Challenge # 2: Here’s my Video

    • #13559
      Chibuzor Aguwa

      My name is Chibuzor, and in this video, I indicate my interest in taking up this challenge My challenege video

    • #13563

      Hello I am Usha, this is my challenge video.

    • #13566

      Hello! Nixan here, Here is my submission for the challenge. And thanks Spencer for the opportunity. Challenge Video

    • #13574

      Hello, my name is Violeta and I’m a travel writer. I want to join this challenge with one of my oldest websites, which is currently stale and outdated. This is my challenge video.

    • #13581
      Rajneesh Singh

      I am Rajneesh and I am full-time freelancer and part-time blogger.

    • #13627
      Abhay Talreja

      Hi All,

      I am Abhay Talreja, a follower of Niche Pursuit for a long time. I am excited to participate in this challenge and hope to get community feedback. Here is a quick introduction.

      FYI.. I had the idea and the domain name purchased but I will start today with a new WordPress site.

    • #13636

      Hiya all,

      My name is John and I’m a Web & SEO Specialist in Marshall, North Carolina. Looking forward to seeing how AI can grow my existing website! 🙂

      Here is my entry video:

      Thanks so much!

    • #13641

      Hey dear
      I am joining from Pakistan.
      Here is my Video

      • #13658
        Tom Seest

        Welcome. I look forward to learning from you during the contest. Best wishes.

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      Tom Seest

      While I read the instructions for signing up for the contests carefully, I basically failed in one part in that my video exceeded 2 minutes by 2 seconds. May the gods and God of heaven and earth, and Spencer, have mercy on my poor soul.

      I apologize for my breathiness in the video, but as you’ll see, I’m suffering and learning from heart failure right now. You can watch the video by going to in your browser of choice, or read the transcript that I pasted here:

      My name is Tom Seest, and I reside atop a mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee, along with my wife, three of my four sons, roughly 30 cats, and roughly 25 chickens. My journey into website creation began prior to 9-11, while I was contributing to the Lambert St. Louis Airport Expansion project. Growing up on the plains of Illinois, I delved into various programming projects, much like Abraham Lincoln, who pursued programming as a side hustle.

      When the COVID pandemic shook the world a few years ago, I saw an opportunity to immerse myself in website blogs and expand my knowledge of related processes. Over the past period, I’ve crafted more than 400 WordPress websites, engaged in configuration, and maintained blogs for several of them.

      Presently, I grapple with a heart condition, having dealt with heart failure on and off since 2017. While my heart’s condition is gradually improving, I find myself spending more time in bed due to persistently elevated heart rates. These limitations prompted me to reimagine my work approach, harnessing my automation skills and venturing into the realm of AI.

      These contests provide an avenue to document my progress and metrics for projects of this nature, as well as to offer guidance for others facing similar challenges. It also brings structure to a subject I’m relatively new to: organic website traffic generation.

      Participating in contests, despite maintaining a full-time developer role and health setbacks, is a personal challenge. I doubt if I will win the prizes, but my proficiency in automation and AI serves as a strength.

      Ultimately, my definition of winning transcends contest victories. Waking up each day on the green side of the dirt and continuing to learn and grow is the ultimate triumph. Competing alongside all of you enriches my experiences, reminding me that every day can be a victory. As they say, “Winners win,” and I aim to win each day.

      In any case, I look forward to following and learning from each of you. Let me know if I can help in any way.

      • #13751
        Spencer Haws

        Welcome to both challenges, Tom! I look forward to seeing your progress!

      • #15632
        Ken Lee

        Hi Tom, as a beginner here but I’m so impressive with the AI content generator you use in your gamming site. As I’hv seen your result in 5th month report, so came back here to just wonder what AI tool you ‘hv used for your site. I know it dumb question to ask, but please share if possible.
        I’m here to learn. Best wished.

      • #15640
        Tom Seest

        The answer to your question is somewhat complicated, but I’ll try to explain my tools/process here:

        Last year, I had an active subscription to Article Forge, which was unlimited but throttled. I used that tool, at the time, to generate 36,000 articles on a wide variety of topics over the period of a year. I developed some automation using “Power Automate” by Microsoft. I wasn’t happy with the H2 / Section Titles that Article Forge generated, so I wrote my own software using Visual Basic.NET that would open each of these HTML5 files, read the H2 tags, and then let me change them. I later modified this code to use Open AI’s Chat GPT to suggest new titles for each section. It then saved these modified files as HTML files with the new H2 / section tags. I then wrote more software that would take and upload these articles, 25 at a time, to the WordPress website, in draft status. As it did this, it assigned random images that I had uploaded at the time from Pexels using their API.

        While all of these articles are “ok”, I wouldn’t classify them as great. I have since modified that software to also perform rewrites for me. Today, I’ll be publishing 10 rewrites to the site. My software takes the existing article that it retrieves using the WordPress API, submits each section and title to the Chat GPT API, and asks it to do a rewrite. This rewrite tool has the option to either create new images using DALL-E or randomly select from existing images that are in the site’s Media repository. So, the rewrite tool does the complete rewrite of the article in about a minute for about $0.05 US. If it generates new images for the article, each image costs $0.04 US based on the current costs for the API. So, rewrites generally cost me between $0.05 and $1.00 US, and I can drip out 5 to 10 per day if I have time. I have also modified my software to generate fresh articles from scratch by just typing in an Article Title. I then have Chat GPT suggest sections and titles and then the rest of the article. These new articles have the same cost and take between 1 minute and 15 minutes, depending on whether I have used existing images or new images. Here again, I’ll publish between 2 and 5 articles per day. I am actively using this self-created toolset now actively on 16 sites, and I’m publishing 30 to 50 articles per day, depending on my personal schedule. I do this, consuming about 2 hours of my time per day. I have limited it to this because of my problems with heart failure. While I’ve never focused on organic search until this contest, I’ve focused more on process and tools because I knew my niche selection wasn’t the best for contests. My niches were selected based on the personal interests of my family as opposed to attempting to pick winning niches. The closest commercial tool that I can find that produces similar results is a WordPress Plugin called AI Power. I will say that I’m happy with my progress and learning experience in the contest because I believe I have developed tools and a process that I can apply to any niche, which I will leverage in the future, should my health permit.

        I hope this helps you understand what I’ve done. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      • #15641
        Ken Lee

        My much appreciation for your kindly answer Tom. It helps me a lot. Wish all the best for you and your fam.

    • #13683

      Hi. If it’s the site with “the most organic traffic”… can’t someone with a large site (200k/mo visits) just enter and win automatically with no improvements?

      They’ll have higher DA, rank within 12-24 hours of publishing etc.

      Should it be largest increase in organic traffic… by percentage? Or numbers?

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      • #13752
        Spencer Haws

        Nope, everyone starts at zero. The only traffic that counts is NEW traffic coming to NEW articles. So, if someone has a site getting 1 million visitors a month but doesn’t add any new articles, then their traffic to new articles is 0. They will lose.

        However, if they add 1,000 new articles and those new articles as a group get 100,000 organic visitors during the competition, then that’s their number.

      • #13760

        Does new traffic to existing articles count if the “new” articles raise your topical authority and help gain new back links increasing traffic to existing content?

    • #13729
      Tim McReynolds

      What a way to get me to actually complete a site. I have bought a many domains over the years with the intent of putting content on them and then flipping them. I have several that could be worth doing this with.
      My name is Tim; I am looking forward to learning with this project. So adding to a site that I have some stuff on already could be just the ticket.
      I live in Cedar Park, Texas, just outside of Austin. I am trying to build some additional income so that I can scale back on my full-time gig, I am the web hosting nerd for a digital media agency that builds sites for businesses. I love what I do, and who I work with, but I don’t want to do it so much anymore. I work remotely so I am familiar with the coffee shop lifestyle, but I want to kick it up a notch and actually afford to go places and do things.
      I think that I can win as long as I can put my superpower (procrastination) on the back burner. It’s going to take work, tenacity, and a real focus. Today is the day I will learn those habits.
      Good luck everybody, enjoy the journey.

    • #13738

      Hello everyone! My name is Carl, and I’m from Ontario, Canada. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this online AI contest. I’ve tried building sites in the past and it’s a huge learning curve for sure, at over 50 years old things sure have changed from the old commodore and atari days. Anyway, going to give this a try and see what happens.

      My Contest Entry Video

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      • #13740
        Tom Seest

        I started on the Atari 800 in the era of the Commodore 64. Great times.

    • #13743
      Tom Seest

      Building in Public or in Private?

      I honor both. I plan on building in Public as I’m here to try to help if needed. I already won in life.

    • #13761

      Ben Perry from Carlisle, MA. I’m using this as motivation to get more content on a site that I haven’t touched in quite a while. It’s been on my to-do list for a long time and this will force some action.

      Intro video

    • #13764

      Hey there! I’m Dennis, and I’m super pumped to be part of this Challenge. Here is my Challenge Video

    • #13777

      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Darrell and my wife and I are digital nomads and we are currently in Cuernavaca, MX. Here is my video intro:

    • #13781

      Hi I’m David from the UK, I’ve run a small animation studio for 14 years, a few years ago, I started a growing youtube channel teaching various animation. Later I started a new blog, which I want to grow thanks

      Here is my intro video

    • #13791
      Martin Wilson


      Perhaps I am missing something… Have you previously made suggestions
      about techniques, softwares for chatgpt commands, apps or some other methods
      to help with ai content? That we should be using in this contest? Or is it
      just basically let chatgpt write it and human correct it?

      I am brand new to NP and this is my first time in the site. I have been
      seeing your emails and have been content marketing for 20years but REALLY
      need more organic traffic!


    • #13792

      Hello Spencer, I would want to learn how to grow such an AI content site that gets 7000 clicks a day. Is there any link to your study?

    • #13797
      Fickle Father

      I’ve started a website that helped me make money in my very time-consuming service business, but I have never created a website that can make money by itself. I’ve had a goal to figure this out for an embarrassingly long time.

      Last year, I sold my time-consuming business so I could have more free time (and less stress). I’ve since done a lot of bouncing around with shiny object syndrome, but I’ve always come back to wanting to learn how to create a successful blog. Hopefully, this challenge will help me figure things out and make some inroads.

      Here is my video–

    • #13799

      Hi. My name’s Marty. I’ve been a reader of Niche Pursuits for quite some time and usually try to follow along with Spencer’s public challenges. This is the link for my video:

    • #13807

      Hello Spencer and the rest of the Niche Pursuit community! I am Julai, from Barcelona, Spain and I am excited to join the challenge to give me the push and motivation to consistently work on my mom blog. I have been a Niche Pursuit reader (and listening to some podcast episodes) for a while now and love all the tips I am learning. It’s time to apply them to my blog for this challenge! 🙂
      Here’s a link to my video


    • #13808
      Md Redoy

      Hi everyone, this is Redoy, from Bangladesh. I am really excited to participate in the challenge. Here is my video.

    • #13811
      Kazi Al Imran

      Hello everyone,

      I’m Kazi Al-Imran from Bangladesh. I’m excited to join the Challenge to Grow an EXISTING Site with AI Content. Here is my intro.

    • #13816

      Hello! Let’s do this! Here’s my introduction video.

    • #13825
      Shabarish Balaji

      Hi all.

      I am really excited about this challenge and I wish everyone good luck.

      This is my introduction video:

      Thank You

    • #13834

      Hello, this is Ahmed, and here is my video.

    • #13838

      Hello Everyone👋 I’m Rahat from Bangladesh. I’m very excited to join this challenge & Here is my Intro Video. Best Of Luck Everyone. Let’s Do Something Crazy With AI

    • #13854

      Hi, Suzzie here. Excited to participate in the challenge. Thanks for the boost or motivation Spencer.

      Here is my video:

    • #13857
      Sarah Auerswald

      Hi I’m Sarah and I’m in Los Angeles, CA. I’m excited to join the challenge and grow an existing site with AI content! For the record, I’m joining both challenges, so I’ll be working on 2 sites and planning to win!

    • #13861
      Shafi Khan

      Hey all, my name is Shafi Khan and I’m from Mumbai, India. Excited to join the second AI challenge as well and I hope that’s alright. I can’t see any rules regarding that.

      Excited to follow along with everyone and learn new stuff and content creation tips from others. Good luck to all!

    • #13865

      Hi, I am Kunika Patel from India. This is my introduction video:

      I am super excited and so I have joined both the challenges. Hope to give my best and learn new things along the way. Good luck everyone!

    • #13868

      Hi, I’m Alex from Michigan. Excited to hold myself accountable to take action with these sites! I manage a pressure washing company by day and work on niche sites on the side. Looking to grow and learn with AI content.

      I am entering both of Spencer’s challenges:
      Build an SEO Site with AI Generated Content
      Grow an EXISTING Site with AI Content

      Intro video below:

    • #13869

      Hi all! 2nd attempt at the video upload!

      Sorry about the dog btw!

    • #13872
      Abel Babs

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Abel Babalola, from Nigeria, and this is my entry into the Grow an EXISTING Site with AI Generated Content challenge.

      I am excited to join like-minded people to learn and grow.

    • #13876

      Hello from Prague! Excited to join the challenge:

      1. I have a brand/website I started in 2009, but have never really leverage SEO. I’m in the travel niche and have let the site go dormant since the pandemic. It’s a DA 25-27, but with very little traffic and not even built on WordPress. I have a whole lot of work to do. But excited to see how I can grow it without social media. 🙂

      2. Will I win? I probably won’t win any cash prizes…but if I can do ANYTHING to progress the site in the next 3 months, it’s a win to me.

      I used to be CEO of a similar company in my industry and grew it to 3 million page views per month so maybe I can do that again but for my own site. We shall see!

      Let the games begin. 🙂

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    • #13885

      Hello! I’m Brandi, an Oakland, CA blogger with a 13.5 year old site. I’ve been blogging consistently, but so much has changed. I have tons of old content to get rid of, and need to create new content that serves my audience where they are NOW. AI has been an incredible tool for me over the last few months, and I’m pumped to kick it up a notch.

      Here’s my video:

      • #13889
        Sarah Auerswald

        Hi Brandi! Super excited to see you in the challenge!!

    • #13886

      Hi all, Holly from Queensland Australia. I have had 2 sites forever but recently have added a couple of extra to my portfolio and they haven’t gotten a lot of attention so this is a little motivation boost to get more content live. I won’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate but I figure accountability and forward momentum is always a positive!

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    • #13888

      Hi, I’m Maria and here’s my video entry for the challenge. I have a new travel blog and am looking forward to taking part in this challenge!

    • #13891

      Hello, I’m Chris from Texas. Can’t wait to participate in this challenge! Here is my entry video:

    • #13893
      Chris S.

      Chris from Atlanta, GA here! This is finally the extra incentive to get a niche site off the ground. Here’s my video.

    • #13904

      Hey everyone! Good luck with the challenge. It will be interesting to see how much everyone’s sites can grow in an extremely short period of time. I’m excited to hear what’s working and what’s not. Hopefully, we’ll all have a better asset in 3 months’ time!

    • #13907
      Michael Ungerman

      Hello, Michael here from Kansas City, USA. I’m looking forward to this challenge and can’t wait to get started.

      Here’s my intro video

    • #13909

      Hey team – I’m Darcy from Northern NSW Australia – keen to get into this challenge to mainly keep accountable to a good publishing and content creation schedule! Also- $2500 definitely would be welcome!

      Here’s my entry vid

    • #13911
      Nico Mellett

      Hi, greetings from Zambia! 🇿🇲
      I’m excited to join this challenge. Good luck everyone!


      My intro

    • #13915

      Kia Ora everyone, Michelle from New Zealand. Looking forward to participating in this challenge and generally taking advantage of some more forward momentum for my blog! Here is my intro video.

    • #13916

      (Whoops, try again!) Kia Ora everyone, I’m Michelle from New Zealand, and I’m excited to see where this challenge takes me and the other participants. Thanks so much Spencer! Here’s my intro video.

    • #13920

      My name is Darrin, I am from Central Florida and I’ve decided to participate in both challenges. I already have a few content sites, and I’d be super interested to see how one of them would do if I add a little bit more content.

    • #13928

      Hello all
      I am joining from malaysia.
      Here is my video

    • #13930

      Hello! I am joining from Belgium in this challenge too!
      Here’s my video:


    • #13933

      Hello, joining this challenge (as well as the new site with AI) – basically, why the hell not 🙂

      My name is Becki, I’m coming from Spain. I have minimal experience with site building, no big team, and limited resources to pump into outsourcing tasks, I’m also a bit of a technophobe.

      I’m under no illusion that I’m going to be kicking about in the lower percentile of site growth here – basically, I’m just in competition with myself to see how much I can learn and grow plus for the accountability/ community side of it.

      Good luck everyone 🙂 here’s my video >

    • #13938

      Hello Everyone,

      My name is Queen Israel from Nigeria. I am interested in this challenge because it will offer me the opportunity to grow my blog. And I am super excited to be here and remain hopeful all the way.

      My Video link: Queen Israel

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    • #13957
      Karan Mallya

      My name is Karan and I am from India. It will be a great opportunity for me to learn while competing with you guys. All the Best to Everyone!

      Here’s the video:

    • #13984

      It’s Kerwin here and I’m up for the challenge

      Here’s my video –


    • #13988


      I’m Bryan from Los Angeles and I’m interested in joining this challenge as well. Hopefully AI can grow my site where I haven’t been able to manually.

    • #13992

      Hey guys, my name is Ian, and I’m from Illinois.

      I’ve been a long-time reader of Niche Pursuits and have been building niche sites since 2016.

      I started a site in 2021 to experiment with AI content, and so far it’s been going pretty well. That’s the site I’ll be growing for this challenge.

      Here’s my entry video:

    • #13993
      Andrew Ellis

      Hello everyone I’m Andrew Ellis (everyone just calls me Drew), I live in Devon in the UK and run a site called Like Minds ( aimed at entrepreneurs and startups to help guide them to the best information from their peers.

      We have over 200 videos up on our YouTube channel and we run an annual “Nudge Ideas Festival” in Devon in the UK helping local and international entrepreneurs grow and scale. It will be our 16th year in 2024!

    • #14002
      DeeDee Ballesteros

      Hi, I’m DeeDee. Here’s my Challenge video.

    • #14008

      Hey everyone,

      I’m Wasim from Canada. Looking forward to growing my site with AI content and seeing how it performs. I’ve grown one site to 5 figure traffic levels before.

      Here is my video.

    • #14010
      Michelle D. Garrett

      Hi Everyone! My name is Michelle and I am joining the challenge from Columbia, SC. I have a lifestyle blog that I started in 2009. My goal with this challenge is to be more intentional with posting content that is relevant to my audience and learning more about AI and how it can help me create content.

      My intro video is here:

    • #14011
      Pankil Shah

      Hey everyone, I’m Pankil Shah from Boston. I’m here to blend AI, my previous learnings, and a sprinkle of consistency to spice up organic traffic; win or lose, I’m the traffic jam you never saw coming! 😜

    • #14013
      Rosman Ali

      Hi, I am Rosman from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

      I like blogging and I like AI. This is the right opportunity for me to learn and grow my blogging skills and and my sites

      Here is my video:

    • #14023

      Attached is my video. This challenge is going to be fun! Good luck everyone!

    • #14025
      Janice Boling

      here is the link to my youtube video for the challenge (2).

    • #14037
      Shane K

      Hi All,

      Hopefully it is not too late to participate. I’ve been building niche affiliate websites off and on for years, with some successes and a lot of failures. I’m looking forward to participate in this contest as I am sure I will be able to learn a lot from you all while also staying motivated to keep adding content and building. I am going to be using a site that I’ve pretty much left untouched for a long time, and my hope is that by consistently adding content it will see some solid growth. Good luck everyone!

    • #14041

      Hi! I’m Chelsea, and I’m joining both challenges. I see this as a great way to grow my current site. Can’t wait to see where it’s at in 3 months! Here’s my video.

    • #14046
      Andrew McGivern

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Andrew and I have an existing blog about podcasting that I’ve decided to enter this challenge with. I have been thinking about playing with AI content for a while and have experimented a little on a different site. When I saw the email come through about this challenge I thought it would be a good time to jump in.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the progress everyone makes.


    • #14051

      Excited to join this challenge! I’ve got some existing sites I could use the extra motivation for. Probably a little bit of a shift in my content strategy, but I think it could be a good area to explore.

    • #14056
      Rich T

      Hi Everyone, My name is Richard from Toronto. Here is my intro video. Thank you Spencer for putting together this challenge, and I’m looking forward to learning and growing with everyone!

    • #14060

      Is there any requirement for how much content needs to be AI generated vs. Human Written? I am thinking of a series of posts where the images are AI generated and the article explains how to make the item pictured. Things like introduction, conclusion, possibly FAQ sections could be AI generated but, due to the nature of the niche, the DIY instructions would need to be human written.

    • #14061
      Frank Soto

      Hello everyone , my name is Frank, I am from Guadalajara, Mexico. I am superexcited and motivated for this contest because I am very much into AI tools and as luck would have it, I am envolved in a project currently of rebuilding a website, I already as always am using many AII tools for the job and being able to share this with a community of like minded people is going to be a growth experience, that just hits the spot, I can start. My friend Bob me and my AI team are ready for the challenge, good luck to all and “MAY THE PROMPT BE WITH YOU”

    • #14062

      Hello Everyone. My name is April and I’m going to be working on my crafting site, for this challenge. I’ve built my fair share of websites, including a few over 100k sessions per month. This new site is a passion project for me with lots of traffic potential. I had already planned on using AI to generate a lot of the written content, as much of the value for the site is human generated images. I’ll use my expertise in the niche to edit the AI text and add supporting photos where needed. I’ll be working on also growing the social channels for the site which include a YouTube channel, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group. While those aren’t necessarily for the contest, I do think they can help organic traffic.

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      • This reply was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by April.
    • #14066

      Hi. My name is Pamela and I’m from Northern Virginia. I am excited to join this challenge. Here is my video.

      How often should we post content on our website for this challenge?

      • This reply was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by Pamela.
    • #14068

      Hi, I just started my new AI written content website last month, a few days before this challenge . I like to join but very shy to talk in front of the camera for video. Also, because of my limited English ability. However, I love to see how you guys do my your websites. So that I can compare to my progress.

      • #14069

        You should totally still post a video. No one is going to judge your English. We’re all here to grow our businesses and learn from one another.

    • #14079

      Hi everybody!
      I’m Lizzy from the Netherlands and am excited to join the challenge! I have several affiliate websites but picked a relatively new blog website to grow from 4k to 10k by the end of this challenge (year).

      Watch here my introduction!

      I will be using ChatGPT 4 and SurferSEO. In case you use the same and have tips, please share!

    • #14081
      Laarni Paredes

      Hello, I’m Laarni from the Philippines. Looking forward to this challenge!

      My video

    • #14091

      Hello everyone, I’m Virg from the Philippines. I am interested in joining this challenge as well. Thanks.
      Here’s my intro video:

    • #14092

      I’m in. Video.

    • #14098
      Shane K

      Do we have to submit the url/name of the website somewhere, or does Spencer only check that at the end?

    • #14105
      Jacob Maslow

      Jacob Maslow here. very excited about this.
      had some trouble with my original post, posting again
      been playing with AI forever and really got my keyword research down. think the main thing is to niche down and focus on topical authority

    • #14119

      So apparently, I did this while I was on a small vacation, so I decided to add some vibe to my video, for no particular reason at all. Let’s gooooo!

      PS: I recorded this video purposely for my competition for the new sites. However, as I realized there is a certain old site I have not been looking into for the last 1 or 2 years (it basically gets less than 100 clicks per month), I can also use it to join this competition too (for growing an existing site). Let’s see how it turns out!

      • #14151

        Hey Spencer,

        Btw, how can one know if they got into the competition? I’ve just read that you have communicated with the participants through mail, but haven’t received such mail myself. Not sure if by the time I sent my video it was late or not (since this thread was still open to new postings), so am now wondering how I can confirm if am in or out.

        PS: I asked this question both here and in the “New Site Competition” topic since I want to participate in both, but you can answer give me a general answer in one of them.

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