Which expired domain is best?

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      I have bought 4 domains for a product / potential forum website, but am wondering if the DA, backlinks and potential to recreate the old site (according to SEM rush indexed pages) will help me rank? The only thing is that all the old websites are about 10 years old and the domains have had ads since. Regardless of what SEM rush and Keysearch says, wouldnt it all be a moot point because it was so long ago?

      1) An old magazine – DA3, BL2 – This was an old Australian magazine that talked about the product that I want to sell. it went defunct years ago. It is a short, memorable URL. I have the .com.au and .AU. (the .com is for sale, but too pricy). This is the most suitable in terms of branding and geolocation and for the forum side of things.

      2) This was a product website – DA15, BL2 – This has SEM rush indexed pages. I could recreate them. This is the exact same products as I want to sell, BUT its wholesale and a .com. I sell from Australia and there is already several domains that are “wholesale x shop” or just “wholesale x” in both .coms and ..com.au for the product. I think it would be too bland, not memorable, but if it ranks quick and well, I would sell wholesale.

      3) Someone who made the product – DA14, BL49. Could be branded, but doesnt really inspire me, so will probably just ignore this one and redirect the domain until it expires (or sell it).

      Would it be worth recreating the pages as they are so old?
      Does the DA make a huge enough difference?
      I could use both domains, but if there is no real advantage to using the wholesale one, I wont bother.
      Would love to hear your thoughts

Viewing 0 reply threads
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