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      Spencer Haws

      I’m excited to share the 2 month progress reports for the “build a new site AI Challenge!”.

      November is the 2nd FULL month since the challenge started.

      You can see the OFFICIAL leaderboard right here!!

      You can also see some of the videos and brief updates from participants below.


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      Progress report submitted.
      Here’s my video:

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        Mike B

        Try submitting the individual links. Do 5 a day and see if they get indexed.

      • #14643

        I tried that as well, but it doesn’t work 100%.
        Some get indexed and some don’t.
        And you can only do like 4-5 manually per day until you reach the limit.

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      J Paul Hendricks

      Here is mine… Progress is slow as measured by users/sessions/clicks, but there are good signs under the hood! We are learning lots and refining SOPs so.. that’s a win, regardless. Good luck, all!

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      Here is my Nov Update: https://youtu.be/84CNrs0jctM

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      Hello everybody!
      Here’s my video! And this time, I decided to post the website summary and the video transcript as well.

      I have started a new website and here are the organic visit stats for November:
      – Website #1 (launched in September at the beginning of the challenge): 9
      – Website #2 (launched in November): 120

      Welcome to another interview for the AI Niche Pursuit Challenge! This is our 2-month update with our favorite participant, Nadya from livingoffcloud.

      Q: My first question for you is: how do you feel about your progress so far?

      I feel very well! This time my progress is much better than it was the last time. I have started a new website! And this website seems to be more successful than the first one. I already have about 120 organic visits in November and the website was launched on November 6th. It is a seasonal niche and there was a lot of demand in this niche during November.

      Q: That is great news! Are you doing anything differently with this new website? Are you using the same strategy for producing the AI content?

      I moved away from Surfer SEO, which I was using the last time for the first website. Now I generate my content exclusively in chat GPT 4.

      Q. Do you feel like your increased success with this second website is due to your change of strategy for producing AI content?

      I do not think so. I think it i due to selecting a better-suited niche in which it is easier to produce unique content.

      Q: Yes, unique content, very important nowadays! What about the negative, have your faced any challenges with this new website?

      Uploading content to the website is labor-intensive and it slows me down. At the moment, I’m striving to make two posts per day.

      Q: Can you explain what is so hard about uploading content? I would have expected uploading the contents to be a small amount of effort compared to creating the contents.

      It’s all about the images. You need to download the images, resize them, upload the images to the website, add Alt text, and so on. This is where all the efforts are going to.

      Q: I see! One last question from me: What will be your strategy going forward to get more organic traffic?

      The strategy is very simple: produce more relevant content. The website has only about 21 articles so far and this is definitely not much. What I’ve learned is that I need to produce at least 100 articles to start seeing more serious traffic.

      Q: And you have learned that from previous endeavors, not this AI challenge, right?

      I learned it during this AI challenge from an interview Spencer made with somebody who is using AI to generate content for their websites.

      Well, that’s all the time we had for today, thank you for answering my questions, and best of luck with the AI Niche Pursuits Challenge!

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      Hey all, here’s my month 2 report:

      The tool I mentioned that I’m now using to create articles is Poe. I simply made a GPT-4-powered bot, gave it my detailed instructions, and now it outputs articles exactly to my specifications. All I have to do is provide the target keyword.

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        J Paul Hendricks

        Hey Ian, thanks for the update.

        I know of the “Poe” from Quora… I assume this is a different Poe you are talking about?

      • #14670

        Nope, same Poe. poe.com

    • #14636

      Not a lot of things happening yet for me as I am time poor and haven’t published much but there’s potential:

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      Mike B

      Here’s a link to my November video.

      Quick Answers

      1. How do you feel about your progress so far? What’s working? Good. Got a lot done. Met goal for number of posts.
      2. What challenges have you faced? Time mostly. It’s hard fitting it all in. And waiting on AI images to get generated seems to take a long time.
      3. What will be your strategy going forward to get more organic traffic? Build you the Youtube/Rumble Channels. Post more content. Continue internal link building.

      3A – Stretch goal – turn videos in a podcast!

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      Troy De Ville

      Hey everyone, it’s still going slow but it going well. I’m working on backlinks to build the site up. Hopefully, it starts taking off.

    • #14640

      Hey All!
      Here’s my month 2 update, again haven’t really had as much time as I would have liked to have put in so far πŸ™ but still using this as motivation to keep going!

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      Tim McReynolds

      Hi ya’ Folks.
      It looks like I need to spend a lot more time and a lot more effort with this project if I intend to even get traffic, let alone with a contest.
      I am learning, and I am still looking for my ship to come in with blogging. So far I have the oar to my ship, still working on the rest of it.
      Here’s to working for it. Good Luck, ya’ll.

      • #14661
        J Paul Hendricks

        My initial KW planning was sub-par too…

        The server tinkering.. LOL!

        Love the niche btw! Keep pushing!

    • #14646

      Here is my two month check in!

      • #14698

        Wow – Amazing results, Victoria! Your numbers are insane. Keep it up!

    • #14647

      Here’s my two-month update πŸ™‚

    • #14649
      Rajneesh Singh

      My video Update – https://youtu.be/ohCfhB8lOVc The biggest thing is content don’t get indexed.. it seems Google know these are AI generated content. Or it’s just with new blogs. Google is not trusting new blogs… Didn’t publish any post… Just wating. In December, I will publish more content…

    • #14650

      Here’s my month 2 update: https://youtu.be/maUUZ65kAyI

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      Sarah Auerswald

      Hi everyone! Not much progress so far – it’s been a challenge to keep up my enthusiasm, but I’m interested enough to see it through, so here’s my update.

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      April Duffy

      OMG! Month Two Already?!?

      Here’s my progress, if you can call it that: https://youtu.be/5u0Ydjb3wcU

      • #14662
        J Paul Hendricks

        “…slow start to a big finish!” hoping for you and us all!

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      Tom Seest

    • #14657
      Tom Seest

      Glad this isn’t a beauty contest…

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      Tom Seest

    • #14664

      Month 2 Update for the AI-Niche site challenge. Hardly an Update πŸ™‚

    • #14666

      Here is my update.

      Things are looking good. The site is growing but slowly. My challenge has been formatting the articles and adding images. (It’s very time consuming, given that I publish around 4 articles a day.
      Bing has started to rank my site and bringing in traffic, so next month I might start getting a lot of traffic from Bing.
      I’ve worked on Pinterest but I’ve only gotten 4 clicks, (very demotivating), but that won’t stop me, I’ll keep posting on Pinterest.

      Since I have hundreds of posts, I’ve started Interlinking. Hopefully it’ll improves the rankings.
      My strategy for the next month is to just be consistent with my publishing schedule, and keep looking for low competitive keywords.
      I’ll also try to edit and optimize the posts ranking in top 20, so that they keep rank higher.

      Overall I’m satisfied with the progress, as long as the site keeps growing upwards.

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      Adrian D.

      Here is my update for November:

    • #14669

      Here’s my Dec 1 report: https://youtu.be/ypxHKEpYOHs Overall, I’m happy with the foundation I’ve laid… hoping to have more time to focus on it in the new year!

    • #14671

      Hi, here is my Nov Update: https://youtu.be/V9rMQTGZn7Y . 471 ranking keywords so far and 4 of them on page 1. Still not much of a difference, but we are getting there. Ramping up article creation in January. Let’s see how it goes.

    • #14672

      Here it is!

      Success, everyone!

    • #14673

      I didn’t do much in month 2 besides post articles that were auto-scheduled each day. The site has 466 total articles and had 46 organic sessions in November. I need to start optimizing these live posts ASAP!!! Good luck and have a great December!

    • #14674

      Hi, here’s my update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o97RTjtL7VA

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      Jon Kurtis

      Hello everyone,

      Here is my update: https://youtu.be/fAh9sxP4tFI

      Lawfred.com has 2,589 posts with 2,126 indexed using the Google Indexing API and a custom script I wrote. However, the content is thin with only short legal definitions for each post and I only had 24 clicks in GSC for November. I need to add some examples to each legal definition post and add internal linking to help them rank higher in search results.

      I have yet to add any content to the other 2 sites I am building, but when I do I will cross-link between the 3 sites like my own little mini PBN.

    • #14684

      Hi here is my update, I had to catch up with my client work this month, so no new articles for the first time, but really please my impressions and clicks continue to slowly rise even though I’ve not posted, and more keywords each week being ranked for

      Here is my video:

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        Mike B


        Great looking site. Just an idea. On your drawing downloads, you should try to collect email address prior to getting the downloads!


    • #14686

      Here’s my Nov update. Absolutely nothing to report. My super power would be to stop time and give myself an extra 5 hours a day. Time is the challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opovdc672gg

    • #14687

      Very embarrassed to admit I have done nothing.

    • #14688

      Month 2 Update: I went full throttle on a niche I thought was the one, but turns out, it was a total dead-end. Spent ages crafting content that never saw the light of day. Talk about a facepalm moment! Learn more about it in my update video https://youtu.be/YcY40bI7U6M

      • #14693
        Mike B

        Ran into the same problem trying to do an AI product review site. I realized AI was just making stuff up. Thankfully I recognized early on and was able to start my project on time for the first reviews.

    • #14690

      November Month 2 update: https://youtu.be/mkAMxpK5_wM

    • #14691
      Chris LeBlanc

      Here’s my update.

      Decided to change gears and select a new niche.

    • #14694

      Here’s my update

      I had a delay, due to other projects, and so I have started my sites more than two months late. I bought the domains the week after the challenge started, and even finished setting up the themes, plugins, Search Console, Analytics, etc. However, for the entire month of October and November, I did not post a single article on any of the 21 sites that am running for this challenge. My first posts were on 8th December (7th in some Timezones), whereby I posted 5 articles on each of the 21 websites. Going forward, I will be posting 2 articles per day, on each of the 21 websites. Let’s see if I will be able to catch up with the rest of the contestants!

    • #14695

      Hello, here’s my month 2 update. Sorry, I wasn’t feeling well. Apologies for the sniffs. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a7kXaWVeGA

    • #14697
      Jenny Meechan

      Just filled in the form now. So sorry! Here’s the video link https://youtu.be/wrT9myK8zCM

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      Madison Cates

      Month 2 report!

    • #14701

      Month 2 update! https://youtu.be/6VsE3QEBWDI

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      Dan Crone

      Well didn’t know when I joked that I would be launching in month 4 how realistic that was. I’m in an electric car in Kodak Tennessee, lol, life is strange. Going to take a hike will the car sucks on the AC line. Apparently, Rivian installed this port as a promotion and it’s still operating. There is really very little around here. Driving an electric car heightens your awareness of distance. You always must be able to get to the next charging station and have a backup station planned if the pad is down. Walmart has chargers in this area and so the travel has been from one Walmart to another, every 120 miles I must break for 45 minutes to get enough charge to go the next 120 miles. November update new website ai content

    • #14703

      2023 Niche Pursuits SEO Challenge Report #3 (November aka Getting my a** kicked… πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆπŸ€·)

    • #14704

      Another quick short update for the month of November. Looking forward to growing our off-site SEO efforts and starting to turn our increased ranks into converting clicks.

    • #14707
      Tonja Gasperlin

      My update! Good luck to everyone.

    • #14708
      Adeel Zafar

      Hey, first of all, I am sorry for one day late submission. Secondly, I haven’t done any such work in the last month but still got 160+ clicks.

      Hope so to just got some time & started working again on this website. Update Link: https://youtu.be/eUzvFjRpxaE

      PS: The reason of no work, it’s my wedding time πŸ™‚

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